Spring update


I haven’t updated this blog in a while and, truthfully, i’m looking forward to making a website to properly display my work (I’ll probably keep going on here to post my random thoughts though).

2015 feels like it’s going to be a good year. It’s that feeling when you show up to a small gathering and realize the snack-platter-station has all of the stuff you like. For me it’s usually a good selection of cheese, some hummus, pineapple. I’m easily pleased, but I like what I like.

That being said, i’m working on a science fiction short that i’m very proud of. I’ve been writing Caulder’s View, intermittently, for the last two years. We’ve found a very talented cast, our team is extremely talented and inspiring, and our locations are all coming together.

Our Kickstarter was hugely inspiring too! It was an amazing experience where I was able to reconnect with many through the pterodactyl-sized wing span of the internet. It was great catching up with you all!

We start filming in the middle of March! A customer has booked me for a photo shoot the week following filming. It’s a true honour and privilege to be helping her launch her business (I won’t say too much more, because I don’t want to spoil any potential surprises for her marketing campaign).

Yesterday I found out that i’ll be getting my first publication! Three of my pieces are going to be featured in a magazine called The Liar! This literary magazine has previously published greats such as Margaret Atwood and Ryan Knighton. This I’m very excited and will be attending the launch party for the issue on April 26th.

The following day is my year end screening – where the cast and crew will gather to watch Caulder’s View on the big screen – and my final day of University.

There are a couple other projects i’m excited to be a part of this spring. I’ve been working as director of photography/cam op on a good friend, Adam Charron’s, new sci-fi/drama Olber’s Paradox and am looking forward to helping him develop that further and see it on the silver-screen.

At the end of March, i’ll be spending a week in Portland helping my friend Nach  Dudsdeemaytha film a documentary film. This one will be another great treat at the screening.

My brother, Dallas, will be visiting the week of the screening! Brigitte, Dallas, and I will be heading down to Seattle to see Damien Rice! I can’t believe we will finally be seeing him. His new album is haunting and his Seattle concert coinciding with the screening is nothing short of fate. I look forward to showing Dallas my hood.

The day after the screen Brigitte and I fly out to St. Lucia for my best friend Riley Willson’s wedding. I couldn’t be happier for Riley and Sasha! They are such a great couple and have been together for a very long time. It’s going to be an amazing trip; i’ll be capturing the beauty of the island on my Chamonix 4×5 camera.

We’re back in Vancouver for two weeks in May and then my convocation falls on June the 1st! I never went to glamourous portion of my High School graduation, so I look forward to celebrating an accomplishment that I am truly proud of! My mom and Grandma will be coming out for the occasion. I hope Brigitte’s year end art show is around the same time. My mom is an art nut and has been working toward her degree in fine arts for the past few years.

Later in the spring i’ll be heading out of province to co-direct a music video, with my good pal, for our company’s first client.

In the month of August Brigitte and I will be heading to Ontario for two weddings! BP’s cousin Leigh is getting married, followed by Brigitte’s best friend Liana and her princely fiancé Joe!

I have more to say, in regards to new films, comic books, short stories, and photo projects that I am developing, but I will save those updates for another post!

Thanks for reading!

Be well,


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Location Scouting!

Good evening!

We had a great day checking out some locations, we hope you all had a great day too!
Here’s a shot of our first Assistant Director Adam Charron in the Delta area, just south of Vancouver.

Jesse is all finished drawing up his storyboards and excited to be filming next month! Keep your eyes on our instagram page @cauldersview, our Caulder’s View Facebook page, and cauldersview.wordpress.com for more updates!

Thanks for all the love and support!

The Caulder’s View team

Location Scouting Delta

Location Scouting Delta

Location Scouting Delta with first AD Adam Charron!

Location Scouting Delta with first AD Adam Charron!

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Caulder’s View

Hello internet friends,

I will be directing a short science fiction film, as a part of my final year in the the Motion Picture Arts Bachelor’s Degree program at Capilano University. We have thousands of dollars in resources, such as studio space, edits suites, sound/lighting/camera equipment. We’ll be shooting on a Red One with Red lenses. Over 30 people, most of which have countless hours of industry experience or bachelor’s degrees in motion picture arts, will be volunteering on this production.

We’re looking to raise $5500.00 to pay for props, costumes, set building, location permits, and catering for our crew – who, as I have mentioned, are volunteering their time.

If you would kindly check out our blog https://cauldersview.wordpress.com and instagram @cauldersview that would be great. We will be posting our kickstarter campaign tonight, and I will update this blog with a link to our Kickstarter page. We have some great incentives to immerse you in the realm of production and world of Caulder’s View. Any contribution helps, even sharing our kickstarter page with your friends and family is an exorbitant help.

Thanks so much.


Jesse Pickett

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Under the octopus tree

Under the octopus-tree, talkin’ shoes and tattoos.IMG_3741

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Pocket full of floral feast

Pocket full of floret feast. Floral feast by Amanda Jasnowski.


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David Brisbin

A sneak peak from my 4×5 shoot with production designer David Brisbin ft. his Cambodian krama, a scarf that was central to his most intense and passionate design involvement in another culture. @mrpickettfenceIMG_3886

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Tuesdays are nice.



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